Cutting-edge machinery and staff expertise

The reliability of the analyses carried out in the Lanartex laboratory is guaranteed by technologically advanced and state of the art equipment, resulting from careful consideration into research and innovation that are our hallmark.
The appliances In the three departments, “chemical and ecology”, Textile technology” and “Reaction to fire” are all placed in spaces that abide by the right environmental conditions in order not to affect the validity of the tests according to the legislations and in compliance with current guidelines.
Ensuring the tests carried out in our laboratory are to the highest quality, however, are also the talented staff who use this equipment. The people who use the equipment for the analyses daily, show passion, competence and professionalism. Using skills that have been acquired over the years and handed down to the younger colleagues.
In addition to technical skills, is the added value to the quality of the result of the analyses carried out, which is guaranteed both by skilled professionals and the innovation brought about by the younger minds.

In compliance with the law and International Accreditation

Lanartex carries out analyses for the clothing and accessories sectors, footwear, leather goods, fabric for the house and home furnishings by testing the: fibres, fabrics, yarns, hides, ready-made garments, accessories and non- textile items such as buttons and zips.
The laboratory certifies that the analyses carried out are done so in compliance with the main national and international regulations, working in compliance with numerous quality standards, including the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories)
Infact, Lanartex is a laboratory certified by ACCREDIA, The Italian accreditation body (An updated list of accredited tests by our laboratory may be requested by the customer or consulted on
By owning this certification in quality, our laboratory ensures: analyses are carried out in compliance with the requirements according to the current regulations of the sector, the use of qualified and competent personnel, the use of efficient and constantly calibrated equipment, the use of appropriate reagents and products, conservation of environmental conditions that don’t jeopardize the validity of the test, preliminary studies on the performance method of the applications by the laboratory (by the validation and estimation of the uncertainty of the result), periodic external evaluation tests and constant internal quality inspections.

Download the complete list of the performance and ecological tests available.

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