Professionalism, passion and looking ahead

The journey into the textile world for Lanartex, a fabric analysis and research laboratory, began in 1998. Thanks to the team’s expertise, the company has continued to grow year after year, eventu-ally becoming fully integrated into Prato’s textile district. A reference point for all the companies in the sector that want a laboratory that they can rely on, one that’s constantly on the lookout for new technologies to then make available to its customers.
Competiveness, speed and development are our key words. We carry out tests on fabrics from the yarn to the finished product. We are competitive both in terms of costs of the services that we provide and the speed at which we work. We never lose sight of the ever changing analyzing tech-niques to guarantee expert and custom-made advice for every request. In addition to this, Lanartex is a test laboratory that has the certificate of accreditation issued by Accredia.

When we started our business we catered for the needs, today we foresee them.


Our young and ever-expanding staff , reflects professionalism and great skill. What makes us stand out from the rest is a welcoming workplace, where staff respect each other and appreciate each other’s skills which in turn, contributes towards maintaining excellent quality standards.

Patrizia Rosati

General Manager

An entrepreneur adopted by Prato. After obtaining a vocational qualification to be a specialized Chemical Analyst, I perfected my professional skills thanks to various experiences as a qualified assistant and analyst, in laboratories in Pistoia and Prato. Over the years I have perfected my managerial skills with roles of increasing responsibility, then I reached a point, where I felt the desire to start a business of my own. So, in 1998 I set up Lanartex, where I am still the Director today. In my free time I play tennis and go swimming, I also play an active role in the volunteering world with the non-profit association Spalti, which is involved in charitable initiatives to support sufferers of ALS and their families, all over Tuscany.

Valentina Guidotti

Technical Manager

I studied Biological Sciences at Florence University and graduated in 2006, driven by my keen interest in chemistry. A passion that convinced me to continue my studies and obtain a doctorate in Biochemical Sciences, which I completed in 2010, in the same Biochemistry department. On completion of my studies and research, I started off my career in the private sector at Lanartex, where I’ve been a Technical Manager (CTO) since 2011. However, chemistry isn’t my only passion. I love reading, trekking, trying my hand at photography and trying out new recipes.

Alessandro Iozzelli

Quality manager

The world of textile and physico-chemical analysis has always been my passion. I’m a freelancer, qualified in the textile sector (clothing, furniture and fashion accessories) and suchlike ( My job involves providing external advice about evaluations and technical opinions. I’m the technical consultant for the Court of Prato and offer consultation services in civil cases, arbitrations and civil mediations (CTP). I collaborate with textile companies which are in the clothing and furniture sector and handle the set-up of the products and the production processes. In the family business I play a part in the growth of the sales network. My role within Lanartex is the Quality Manager (CQO). I’m a real sports enthusiast: a former tennis competitor, I still play now, but in my free time.

Matteo Marcone

Customer Service, Sales Manager

After graduating as a surveyor, in 2009, I attended some professional training courses on textile technology at the Seta Lisio Foundation in Florence. Then, I joined Lanartex the following year. A job, which gave me the opportunity to deal with various aspects of quality control, such as the laboratory analyst one, that allowed me to acquire some essential skills and be acknowledged as a Textile Expert and enroll in the professional register back in 2013. In order to comply with the growing needs of a constantly developing business, I frequently attend Management, Innovation Technology and Marketing courses. In my free time I like reading, going to the cinema and doing combat sports.